Workrite Commercial Interiors has enjoyed many rewarding projects over the past 17 years. Below are just some of the company’s recent achievements.
2016PWC, Southbank – Installation of workstations and collaborative spaces.
2016KPMG, Docklands – Installation of 1001 workstations and 84 Haven Pods.
2015AGL, Docklands – Installation of workstations, loose furniture and meeting tables.
2013Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local – Installation of demandable partitions and   workstations.
2013Rio Tinto, Melbourne – Total reconfiguration of workstations on all floors.
2013Medibank, Melbourne – Reconfigure and modification of existing workstations.
2013Department of Human Services Canberra – Installation of 2500 workstations.
2012BMW Australia, Melbourne –Installation of 200 workstations and full height offices.
2012Arthur Allen Robinson, Melbourne –of 240 offices and 250 workstations.
2012Australian Taxation Office, Melbourne –Installation of 2,400 workstations.
2012Attorney Generals, Canberra –Installation of 1,500 workstations.
2012CNBP, Canberra –Installation of 2,400 workstations.
2011Optus, Melbourne –Installation of 500 workstations.
2011Allianz, Melbourne –Installation of 800 workstations.
2011Bio Science, Melbourne –Installation of 700 workstations.
2011DEEWR, Canberra – Installation of 1,500 workstations.
2011Department of Health, Canberra –Installation of 800 workstations